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    The price and quantity varies with the market all the time, plz ask our staff through telegram (@applegirl) if possible.

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    explain some common questions from our clients

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    Expiration in Advance

    as the picture on the right , apple developer account may sometimes lose membership,or we call it "expire in advance", if so , u may call our staff for help.In this case, if it is in warranty then is is free, if it is not in warranty , this sort of service may take

    100usd on average.

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    Being Blocked (revoked)

    As the picture on the right show, Apple company love to kill accounts randomly. And they may send a termination notice if your hehavior violate her rules.If so ,it is very sorry to see that sort of things.Every developer should do everything he can to aviod this. Use real personal/ company information, use vpn & cache cleaner may decrease the probability.And if your account is revoked during warranty period, u can ask the seller for compensation.


    We are studio from Hong Kong, China.

    Our studio is called i love account studio (ILA) , just as our website: www.iloveaccount.com

    We have been servicing on IOS developers from China and India for over 3 years, and have sold thousands of accounts

    to the whole world.Providing the highest quality account and most professional services.

    STAFF MEMBERS: 7/24 hours online, his telegram ID is @applegirl


    For All Of Your Painting Needs.

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    Interior Painting

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    Exterior Painting

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    Commercial Painting

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    Minor Renovations